Baby Nipple Fresh Food Fruit Milk Feeding


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Cut fruits and vegetables and meat into strips and turn on the silicone filter.

Absorb all foods except milk.

The silicone bag is safe and comfortable.

Help babies understand various foods and understand the world.

Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, safe and moderate in size.



The perfect small handle allows each baby to enjoy food alone.

Compatible with most types of food and can be taken with you.

Small and light, easy to carry.



Material: PP, silicone

Color: blue, pink, green, yellow

Size: 110 x 50mm

Nozzle size: S: 33 * 23mm, M: 33 * 29mm, L: 33 * 33mm

Suitable age: S: 3-6 months; male: 6-12 months; L: more than 1 year old


Package Contents:

1 x baby bottle



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