Animal Faucet Extender,Cartoon Faucet Tool Help Washing Hands Bathroom Bath Toys Kitchen Tap



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1.Premium Material : The faucet extender is made of high-quality silicone, non-toxic, no peculiar smell, and will not harm the health of you and your family.

2.Universally Applicable: The faucet extender has a diameter of 3.2cm, which is the most common diameter that can be applied to general household faucets. Our faucet extender has good ductility and flexibility, and can be perfectly installed on faucets with a diameter of 2.4cm to 4cm.

3.Easy to Install: the design of this product is simple and practical, you only need to put it on your faucet to use.

4.Cute Appearance: The product has eight different cartoon shapes, including cute images such as rabbits, sharks, airplanes, and bears.You can choose any shape you like.

5.Helping Kids Wash Hands : The faucet extender is cute and childlike, which can attract children to wash their hands actively. Effectively extend the faucet so that children can reach the faucet and wash their hands.


Material: Silicone
Size: As described
Uses: Bathroom Faucet,Kitchen Faucet, Bath toys for kids

Please confirm whether the faucet is suitable before purchasing.

1. The face of our hand washing machine is 3.2CM in diameter, can be set with a tap of 2.5-4CM in diameter, too small tap or vertical down tap is not applicable. please measure the diameter of the outlet, take the photo of the faucet to the owner to confirm (the faucet with a diameter less than 2.5CM, or the faucet larger than 4CM do not shoot). 2. About the material: We are made of soft rubber. Very soft, very good quality – weather reasons, getting water in winter will be hard, soaking water will be soft 3. About the size: If the pro faucet is just a little bigger than the set, then screw it in!



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